Current Projects

Please consider donating to partner with us on these projects

     The Same but Different!!!!


            These 2 projects are similar but each have their unique impact!


               Our goal is to raise: $60,000


                $20,000 for the Kindergarten School


           $40,000 for the Vocational School 

This is a big ask however these projects are the first steps on our road to self-sustainability. The inital costs will set up the program and take us through our 1st year of programing. We estimate that after 1 year's time that each of these projects could be self-sustaining. The Kindergarten proposal will service 45 students and the Vocational school will service 60 students. 


Through your generous support you could set AIM on a path to have a self-sustaining program for 105 students that will continue year after year!!


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